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« Innovation for the study of tumor cell Proliferation in 3D »

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Scientific objective

Therapeutic options for cancer have considerably improved over the last decades thanks to a better understanding of cancer cell biology and to the development of 3D tumor models that integrate essential parameters such as cellular heterogeneity, cell-cell and cell-microenvironment interactions. The aim of our work is to study the mechanisms that control and regulate proliferation dynamics in relation with the organization in 3D of a tumor cell population. We focus on: (i) the regulation of the aggregation of tumor cells to form 3D clusters, (ii) the regulation of the dynamics of proliferation of tumor microdomains in 3D. We investigate how these processes are controlled by the microenvironment, the cell cycle regulation, and the intercellular dialogue. Our work relies on genetically engineered cells expressing fluorescent reporters and biomarkers that are accessible to innovative microscopy strategies both on live or fixed samples and on the development of in vitro assays. These innovations are implemented to explore the dynamics of the response to anticancer drugs and to develop innovative models for the pharmacological evaluation of new therapeutic agents.





Team Members

Bernard DUCOMMUN (PUPH), Valérie LOBJOIS (MCU), Odile MONDESERT (IE), Aurélie GOMES (PhD student CIFRE), Ludivine GUILLAUME (PhD student), Fabien GAVA (PhD student), Lise RIGAL (IE CDD), En cours de recrutement (PhD student).


Expected outcome

We expect this work will open various perspectives, particularly in the use of the MCTS and associated technologies developed in this project for the assessment of therapeutic efficacy and for the design of pharmacological applications.


Cancer Biology, Cell cycle, Proliferation, Spheroid, Cancer cells aggregation

Cooperations, partnerships and valorisation

  • Collaboration with IMACTIV-3D (Centre Pierre Potier)
  • Collaboration VORTEX team (Institut de Recherche en Informa-tique de Toulouse) and ONKO3D team (ITAV)
  • Katia GRENIER (LAAS, Toulouse) – Project funded by ANR-DGA
  • Gladys Mirey (INRA, Toulouse) – Project funded by ANR
  • Toulouse Tech Transfer (SATT Toulouse-Midi-Pyrénées)


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Jardet Claire, Lobjois Valérie, Kurdykowshi Sandrine, Ducommun Bernard et Descargues Pascal

10/02/2015 sous le N° FR 15/00262.

Publié le 18-08-2016 sous le n° WO2016128135



M. Norlund, V. Lobjois, P. Bedos, B. Ducommun

30/10/2014 sous le N° FR 1460467.

Publié le 6 mai 2016 sous le n°WO2016067240


Recent publications

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